As the landlady of the Graefl Manor in Kétútköz I welcome you on our website.

We bought the neglected, ruinous building and almost ten hectares of the surrounding lands in 2013. Our objective was to save something of our architectural heritage. At that time we had no idea of becoming the owners of the lasst existing rural art nouveau manor of Hungary.

Seemingly endless work has started: the new construction of the roof has been finished, the tower – demolished during WWII – has been rebuilt, and the renewal of doors and windows has been completed. In the spring of 2016 the more than a century old art nouveau façade, now reborn, gave us the smile of a true beauty.

One of the most important goals during the restauration was the exact recreation of the outside of the Manor House, using original techniques and material. Outstanding craftsmen, professional monument protectors, renowned renovators and art historians are the members of our team. As a result of their dedicated work, the Graefl Manor House received national protection on 22nd November 2016.

In 2017 we started the next stage of the restauration: the inside of the House. By now the turn-of-the-century orangery shows its original appeal and predicts the emerging allure of the interior. Thanks to the skills of our renovators, our guests are going to see the original art nouveau decorations.

Besides the Manor House and the cottages, also the surrounding land will get back its original functions. A self-supporting farm is on its way in order to provide for all inhabitants of the Manor. Eventually, our guests will have traditional and environment friendly grown vegetables, fruit and farm meat. Serving the same purpose, our guests can enjoy our own dairy products: fresh milk, home-made cheese, butter and cottage cheese. Home baked bread and freshly picked tomatoes will add to the slow food experience. Without any artificial addition you can taste the flavour of our produce while experiencing the daily life and its processes at the Manor.

In December 2016 we welcomed the first inhabitants of Graefl Manor: twenty-one sheep and goats, all original Hungarian breed. What more, on 4th January 2017 we celebrated the first new life at the Manor: Bandika, our first lamb was born.

We would very much like to see life coming back to Kétútköz and like in Cinderella’s tale, to see the Manor and its surroundings awakening into their Renaissance. Concerts, literary evenings, 1920s music and romantic wedding parties – are all on our future agenda.

Under the century-old roof we recreate the original atmosphere updated with the needs and wishes of today. We hope that our guests forget, just for a few days, the burden of the racing world. By slowing down and stepping back in time you will rediscover life’s precious moments.

You are welcome!

Györgyi Szerencsés, proprietor